tal dilian

Intelligence Expert, Community Builder, And Serial Entrepreneur

From creating equal opportunities for disadvantaged youths to providing innovative solutions in the intelligence field, Tal Dilian’s search for a new challenge never ends.
He is a serial entrepreneur who utilizes his experience of over 25 years in the IDF’s elite units to improve intelligence practices for both the public and private sectors.

Despite his immense business success in the high-tech world, Tal never forgets his roots.
He believes in equal opportunities and focuses his philanthropic initiatives on improving the lives of disadvantaged youths in Israel while promoting business success in the country’s peripheral cities.

business activity

Daroma Tzafona

Daroma Tzafona is a non-profit organization aiming to develop the Negev (in southern Israel) and the Galilee (in northern Israel)

Circles Technolgies

Circles Technologies developed high-tech intelligence tools used by law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety. The company was acquired by Francisco Partners in 2012.


Intellexa develops & integrates technologies empowering law enforcement agencies & intelligence agencies to collect & analyze data in the most advanced methods, enabling them to form an actionable intelligence image to win the digital race & ensure civilians’ safety.


Atidim is a national program operating in Israel, which seeks to narrow the socio-economic gap and create a more diverse and tolerant society. It does so by facilitating education to disadvantaged youths.


Stratasys produces 3D printers and production systems for automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial and medical equipment manufacturers.


Medovie is a skincare brand offering natural and effective products to treat skin problems by mixing traditional Chinese medicine and advanced scientific research.


Sirbal is a pharmaceuticals company that combines traditional herbal medicine and science to treat hematological and solid cancer and inflammatory diseases.


Using its AI Platform, ManuFuture allows users to produce custom parts in a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective way.


Unibeam’s On-SIM mobile commerce solution brings you the closest to your customer by providing accurate and actionable user-journey data for greater monetization and engagement


SolarEdge is a company providing power optimizers, solar inverters, and monitoring systems for photovoltaic arrays.