Tal Dilian’s impressive career began in the neighborhoods of the German Colony and Katamonin in Jerusalem. Menashe, Dilian’s late father’s family immigrated from the Armenian province in Iran which they left as a child for Israel in 1932, and his mother, Hannah, immigrated to Israel that same year from Europe. Both Dilian’s parents were artists and teachers at the famed Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. Dilian is the oldest of four siblings.

He attended Jerusalem’s Hebrew Gymnasium, which was not merely a school for disadvantaged children but also a social bubble that incorporated children from the city’s elite. Tal Dilian participated in the Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students at Tel-Aviv University where he earned his BA, LLB and MBA degrees.

Dilian served an impressive 25 years in the Israeli Defense Force.  He served in leadership positions in an elite combat unit and as Chief Commander of the technological unit.

Dilian’s military career began in 1979 where he served as a combat fighter in an elite Special Operations Unit of the Intelligence Corps in the IDF. He rose through the ranks until he became Second in Command in 1994. From 1998 to 2002, Dilian served as Chief of Command of the Technological Unit. 

During his service, he received the honorable Israel Defense Prize, the most prestigious honor awarded to an individual for outstanding contributions to the security of Israel. As commander, Dilian was responsible for 1500 soldiers and civilians as well as 700 engineers and administered an annual budget of $150 million. Thanks to his leadership, the unit developed sustainable Research & Development programs and strategies. Additionally, Dilian directed and coordinated numerous state-of-the-art technological innovation projects within the unit.

In 2002, Dilian retired from the military with honors. He still maintains integral connections with the Intelligence and technology organizations of the IDF. After Dilian completed his distinguished military service, he established and co-founded several successful non-profit organizations, such as Atidim, an educational project for disadvantaged youth, which has been approved by the Prime Minister of Israel to become a national project. The Atidim model of diversity has created and implemented visions of economic transformation and healthy communities. Dilian has is also the co-founder and senior director in strategic regional development projects in the peripheral regions of Northern and Southern Israel.  

In 2005, Dilian entered the private IT sector, co-founding several Start-Up companies such as Solar Edge and Vidyo. In 2009 and 2010, Dilian also served as a Chief Security Architect at the American AGT and as a special advisor to the Chairman of Punj Lloyd Ltd, an infrastructure company based in Singapore. He is also a board member of Objet, the world-leading 3D printing company. During those years, Dilian founded several innovative and forward-thinking companies in the field of cyber intelligence including Circles Technologies Ltd, Sirbal LTD, and WiSpear LTD.