Giving Back

Tal Dilian’s success in the military and the private sector has allowed him to invest in his visions, the financial, social, economic, educational, and infrastructural development of Israel’s periphery areas, especially the Galilee (the Northern districts of Israel) and the Negev (the Southern districts of Israel). These initiatives have received many votes of support from private investors to government officials. 

From 2000, he co-founded and personally led several successful non-profit organizations as CEO of Atidim. This nonprofit is dedicated to educating disadvantaged youth and has been approved by the Prime Minister of Israel. It was then adopted to become a national program to broaden and boost Israel’s infrastructure of human capital – the country’s major natural resource and primary asset. It aims to enrich and empower young people living in developing towns and underprivileged areas, narrowing the socio-economic gap, and creating a more diverse, dynamic, and productive Israeli society. 

The program has a strong vision to create a healthier, more tolerant society through striving for excellence, equality, and shared opportunities for talented young people from every background, throughout the country. 

Mr. Dilian has also engaged as the co-founder and senior director in strategic regional development projects in the Negev and the Galil (Daroma & Zafona), both of which are today in the implementation stage.

Israel’s Southern district, the Negev, is known for its vast open spaces of forests and deserts, the majority of which are greatly underdeveloped. Because of this, in 2004 Dilian co-founded the Daroma Organization with the sole purpose of addressing the region’s development. Daroma created a ten-year program to invest 17 billion shekels in the socio-economic development of the region. The Israeli government approved its plan in 2005 and the initiative has been celebrated as a huge success. 

Dilian has decided to use the same enthusiasm and passion that led to the success of the Daroma project and focus on the Northern District of Israel, the Galilee, in a project called Zafona.