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The Changing Face of the Negev

Two reserve generals, a multi-millionaire and a former accountant general in the Ministry of Finance are behind the government’s huge project to change the face of the Negev, amounting to NIS 17 billion.

Moti Basok
January 11, 2006

The Negev, with its vast expanses, has remained largely desolate since the establishment of the state, and worse, far from the hearts of most Israeli citizens. November 20, 2005 may be the turning point. On this day, the government approved a strategic national plan, costing more than NIS 17 billion, for the development of the Negev. The program will be spread over ten years. Behind the program is the “Daroma” organization, which is headed by four personalities, some of whom are more well-known, others less well-known.

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