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Data Optimization 2021: Tal Dilian’s Intellexa’s Holistic Approach to Insightful Intelligence

“There is a need for holistic solutions to replace the old methods of mitigating and preventing threat actors in both the digital and physical arenas,” Tal Dilian, founder of Intellexa, says about the necessity of data optimization for modern law enforcement agencies.

In an increasingly digital world, the intelligence company Intellexa, founded by Tal Dilian and Avraham Shahak Avni, has proven that data optimization is essential for digital companies and law enforcement agencies.

“There is a need for holistic solutions to replace the old methods of mitigating and preventing threat actors in both the digital and physical arenas,” says Dilian.

Intellexa has developed a platform that helps law enforcement agencies (LEA) and intelligence organizations cultivate and contextualize data regarding threat actors through analysis and optimization of the information.

Intellexa Delivers Data optimization tools to win the Digital Race

To keep pace with the constantly evolving technological landscape, intelligence firms like Tal Dilian’s Intellexa see data optimization as one of their top priorities.

Technological progression has enabled criminals to advance their capabilities, allowing them to operate under police radar.

Intellexa helps LEAs and intelligence organizations across the globe catch offenders via its ground-breaking technology. Intellexa’s Nebula technology helps LEA identify potential threats, generate intelligence, and support investigations by combining data from multiple sources, including third-party data, and formats.

Intellexa was born in 2019 from what Tal Dilian and Avraham Shahak Avni, seasoned intelligence veterans, viewed as a gap between the needs of LEAs and what was available in the market.  They concluded that decision-makers face challenges by siloed data that can lead to inefficient judgments.

“There was a need for holistic solutions to replace the old methods of detecting and catching suspects and criminals,” adds Shahak Avni, co-founder of Intellexa.

As a result of the company’s management team’s 40 years of experience in intelligence, the company has developed state-of-the-art proprietary technologies. With its headquarter in Greece, the EU-regulated Intellexa has five more sites, including R&D labs across Europe, Latin America, and East Asia.

Decision-making made easier with Intellexa

When LEAs need to make hasty use of accumulated data, analysts and operational actors can find themselves spending precious time sorting through these immense troves of information, slowing down and even compromising operational standards.

By working with Intellexa, LEAs can make connections and associations between various data sets, allowing for swifter decision-making and, more importantly, accurate decision-making.

By analyzing immense amounts of data, the techonology paves the way for relevant and actionable reports on potential outcomes.

Reducing the amount of money spent on the administration and management of scaled data systems provides the necessary flexibility to the organization. In addition, it can enable your firm to respond to malfunctions immediately and build robot data infrastructure.

Many companies restrict data dashboards and exploration to analysts and scientists. However, data experts believe that these tools will soon be a thing of the past. The dashboard might soon give way to conversational, automated, and mobile insights that anyone on an agency team can access and tailor to their needs.

Tal Dilian’s ambition of protecting civilians

One of the methods used by Intellexa is to integrate 1st and 3rd party data in a way that is understandable to an organization. Due to the technology’s unique approach, the data is digestible, and patterns are easy to identify.

Intellexa’s methods streamline the process for law enforcement agencies by suggesting similarities and associations between suspects. Then, by proposing hypotheses, decision-makers can move on with their investigations. Law enforcement agencies get insights into criminal actions, including association with other threat actors and plans of future crimes.

The desire to protect the lives of innocent civilians is what prompted Tal Dilian to establish Intellexa and provide law enforcement agencies with a new and advanced component to their investigations.

Like the data optimization trends for 2021 prescribe, Intellexa picks its clients carefully to make sure that the data gathered remains in the right hands and is analyzed with the most advanced and up-to-date methods.

This strategy minimizes human errors and helps law enforcement agencies develop extensive plans of action.

Intellexa improves efficiency by up to 200%

Sophisticated semantic connections and innovative technologies enable Intellexa’s data intelligence and insights.

“It fuses big data resources to put together a complete picture, to make sense of shattered pieces of information by analyzing it and providing an insightful report while minimizing human error by using AI,” Dilian explains.

“Having an almost fully automated system saves time and ensures success, improving our clients’ workflow and efficiency by up to 200%,” he says.

Until just a few years ago, law enforcement agencies extracted vast amounts of data from their archives of DNA samples, evidence, interrogation reports, geospatial monitoring, temporal analysis, and much more. However, doing it all manually was time-consuming and inefficient.

In the end, this slow method stole valuable time from investigators, and crucial information could be overlooked.

With Intellexa’s system, the process is automated, providing law enforcement agencies with the overview and time they lacked in the past.

In addition to this significant upscale efficiency, Intellexa provides additional layers of improvements that can enrich the information with geodemographic and behavioral analyses.

As a result, LEAs and intelligence agencies can maintain that crucial edge in providing digital and physical security to civilians.

Intellexa is a sponsor and will exhibit at the upcoming ISS World Europe convention in Prague to be held December 7-9, 2021.

ISS World Programs present the methodologies and tools for Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Government and Private Sector Intelligence Communities in the fight against drug trafficking, cyber money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism and other criminal activities conducted over today’s telecommunications network, the Internet and Social Media.

Source: ABC Money

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