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Intellexa Founder Tal Dilian on the Importance of Insightful Data-Driven Intelligence for Modern Law Enforcement

Growing criminal activity online has left modern law enforcement agencies in need of an innovative solution – one that Tal Dilian’s Intelligence company, Intellexa, has developed with their needs in mind.

“First there was the iPhone, then came encrypted apps” – Intellexa‘s founder, Tal Dilian, explains the Cyber-Darwinism that has led to technology evolving faster than law enforcement and intelligence services’ ability to adapt.

Despite its many advantages, the rise of encrypted apps and networks has made the lives of criminals easier while making law enforcement agencies work much harder to catch them and uncover incriminating activity.

This is where Tal Dilian’s companyIntellexa, comes in.

“First there was OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) and GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence), but that wasn’t enough -every criminal with an iPhone can now operate under the device’s encrypted networks that were built under the company’s attempt to maintain the privacy of its customers,” explains Dilian. “There was a need for tactical solutions to replace the old methods of detecting and catching suspects and criminals.”

Tal Dilian has witnessed many major changes in the digital world throughout his decades of experience. These have led him to achieve great success while cofounding and managing multiple businesses and developing leading technologies, spanning from the 3D printer’s giant, Stratasys, to a leading company in sustainable energy solutions, SolarEdge.

With the combined experience acquired through business ventures and a former commander in the Intelligence force of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), Dilian knows the ins and outs of the digital sphere and the dangers it poses.

He claims that “we now know that it’s simply not enough to be able to gather data”. With intelligence and law enforcement agencies spending their valuable time on research to fend off the next crime, only to eventually conduct an unsuccessful operation, it was clear that they needed a better method to gather and analyze intelligence regarding criminals, their whereabouts, and the networks they could be operating under.

To answer this gap in the intelligence market, Dilian cofounded Intellexa, a leading intelligence company that helps modern law enforcement agencies catch criminals by providing them with insightful, data-driven intelligence.

With innovative systems that offer tactical solutions to modern law enforcement, Intellexa offers services for both gathering and analyzing information that help LEAs catch criminals by providing them with an intelligence report that leads to faster and better results, improving their operations.

Having been on the decision-making side for many years himself, Tal Dilian understands that data collection is just part of the equation. To truly provide a complete intelligence picture, Intellexa develops solutions that are adapted to this new era of data-driven insights.

What is Data-Driven Intelligence?

Data-driven intelligence unlocks data’s fullest potential by introducing artificial intelligence into its collection process. The primary goal of this type of intelligence is to extract meaning and knowledge from data.

As Dilian explains, “It fuses Big Data resources to put together a complete picture, to make sense of shattered pieces of information by analyzing it and providing an insightful report while minimizing human error by using AI.”

Dilian believes that to break the organizational silo, an intelligence company must put together a complete picture that makes sense. This is why Intellexa systems utilize data-driven intelligence in their work with modern law enforcement and intelligence agencies: “Having an almost fully automated system saves time and ensures success, improving our clients’ workflow and efficiency by up to 200%”.

Why is Data-Driven intelligence important for Modern Law Enforcement?

Conducting operations to protect citizens based on data-driven intelligence is crucial for modern law enforcement. In this digital age, it is no longer enough to rely on traditional intelligence methods, as those are not accurate or relevant enough to prevent the next crime or incident.

Data-driven intelligence not only uses a wealth of data sources from criminal records to the geospatial information of potential offenders but goes a step further by creating predictive analytics that helps provide proactive insights that prevent incidents before they occur.

Intellexa works with official law enforcement and intelligence agencies to provide a deep, insightful, and actionable intel image that helps them ensure their civilians’ safety and win the race against criminals in the digital space.

The company will be showcasing its platform in the 22nd session of the Milinpol convention for Homeland Security and Safety hosted in Paris this upcoming October.

Source: Tech Times

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