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More Than Intelligence Gathering Networks – Intellexa’s Innovative Insight Platform

Intellexa, a leading intelligence company, demonstrates how forming a holistic solution is essential to derive intelligence from data, helping law enforcement agencies win the digital race against criminals. 

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace in the digital age, and with these advancements come new challenges. The digital space is now filled with information and encrypted systems that could be found on any phone or personal computer. These have allowed criminals of all kinds the ability to operate without the fear of being caught by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Tal Dilian’s intelligence firm, Intellexa, was established to combat this exactly.

As a result of growing criminal activity, some solutions to this problem were developed by intelligence companies that specialize in collecting data to catch criminals and protect civilians.

Overcoming challenges in the digital space

The field of intelligence and data collection and analysis has recently experienced a major shift. Data collection technologies alone is no longer a sufficient product that intelligence companies can provide to help law enforcement agencies. It has become increasingly hard to track and predict criminal behavior based on intelligence gathering and data alone.

Intelligence companies have had to adapt to the new reality within the industry to provide data collection, analysis and optimization. The importance of forming a holistic approach in the field of Intelligence has become integral to verifying its correct use and application.

Developing a holistic intelligence platform that combines data with insights became increasingly necessary to assist official law enforcement agencies to fend off crime. To answer this need, a leading Intelligence agency, Intellexa, demonstrates its innovative solution with a comprehensive intelligence insight platform.

The need for alternative intelligence strategies

Recent events have revealed a gap in the Intelligence market, leaving many law enforcement agencies, governmental intelligence agencies, and official commerce investigation companies to fend for themselves when it comes to fighting criminals operating in the digital space.

Criminals operating in the digital space have become a real and constant threat to law enforcement and authorities due to their operations under multiple encrypted communication ecosystems. Pedophilia, human trafficking, drug dealing, money laundering, and terror are just a few examples of the threats that are posed by their use of complex digital communication systems. This has made the collection of real-time data a nearly impossible task.

While most intelligence companies provide the collection of data and its delivery to their clients, they are primarily occupied with one part of the equation. An insightful intelligence report requires a holistic approach which ties the intelligence collected from different sources to create a macro image that ensures an effective intelligence strategy – providing a complete analytical picture from raw data.

Intellexa: Data-driven intelligence solutions

To answer this need, a leading Intelligence company, Intellexa, has developed an innovative solution with a comprehensive intelligence insight platform. Intellexa works with official law enforcement and intelligence agencies to provide a deep, insightful, and actionable intel image that helps them ensure civilians’ safety. The company will be showcasing its platform in the 22nd session of the Milinpol convention for Homeland Security and Safety hosted in Paris this upcoming October.

Founded by Tal Dilian and a group of like-minded friends, Intellexa offers innovative intelligence services which were built on the core value that dictates that everybody is entitled to feel safe and secured in their lives. The company’s intelligence system provides a complex solution that is more than just an intelligence-gathering network but is a one-stop shop for all of its clients’ intelligence requirements.

Intellexa develops and integrates technologies that empower law enforcement and intelligence agencies in their work, all while making sure the data collected will be out of sight for any form of illegal use. The company does so by carefully choosing its clients and ensuring that the insights that they are provided with are obtained and analyzed in the most advanced methods. Doing so minimizes human error while helping LEAs create an actionable strategy that will ensure the protection of civilians by winning the digital race.

With data-driven intelligence and analysis, Intellexa’s holistic technological solution can greatly improve the workflow and efficiency of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. This increased productivity means that they can continue to focus on keeping civilians safe without worrying about the dangers posed by criminals utilizing the digital space.

Source: ITechPost

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