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The Negev is Waking Up: The Government has Approved NIS 17 Billion for the South in the Next Decade

Shimon Peres, the minister in charge of the Ministry of the Negev and the Galilee, resigned from the government and the office is currently headed by Efrat Duvdevani – a young and energetic CEO; Duvdevani: “We turned the Negev and the Galil into places that people want to live in”.

Moti Basok
December 29, 2005

More than a month ago, on November 20, the government approved a ten-year plan for the development of the Negev, at a cost of NIS 17 billion. Behind the huge program are various bodies, governmental and non-governmental, including the South Association (headed by Tal Dillian, Haim Blumenblatt, Eitan Wertheimer and Nir Gilad), the Mackenzie Company and more.

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